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"To promote, assist and develop all forms of performing arts activity in the community."

Howe Sound Performing Arts Association (1993) is a non-profit society.  We are a vibrant and dedicated organization run entirely by volunteers.

We are proud of our past and current partnerships with many local businesses, people and organizations.

In 1997, the HSPAA worked with the Squamish Rotary to raise $37,000 to purchase a Yamaha C7 grand piano. Our grand piano is housed for performances at St. John's Anglican Church in the Garibaldi Estates. Our dream is to move our instrument, at a future date, to a new Arts and Cultural Centre.

In January 2005 which HSPAA initiated the Wave of Relief Campaign with support from Squamish Rotary and the District of Squamish. With huge community support, the event raised $43,000 towards Humanity Village (Tsunami Relief).

Professional Concert Series: The HSPAA is known for bringing professional level performers to Squamish. We have have presented artists such as Janina Fialkowska, Jon Kimura Parker, Angela Cheng, Sara Buechner, Lorne Elliott, Borealis Quartet and Chor Leoni, to name a few.  We recently hosted a concert by young up-and-coming piano virtuoso, Avan Yu.  We are committed to bringing professional concerts to Squamish and creating evenings to remember.

Local & Educational Concerts: We work with the young talented students of Squamish and are thrilled to see them grow and learn.  We hold several events throughout the year dedicated to education and fostering local talent.  Home Grown Talent is held in the fall as a fund raiser for AME.  Inspiration is held in the winter to raise funds of the Howe Sound Music Festival.  Star Search is a local talent contest for kids and youth which raises funds for AME.

AME (Access Music Education): AME provides financial assistance to deserving music students. Applications are available on this website towards the end of the School year.  

Howe Sound Music Festival: The Howe Sound Music Festival is held each year in April.  Performers of all ages are welcome to compete for adjudication by professional adjudicators, scholarships and the chance to compete in the Provincial Music Festival.  Performances culminate in a gala showcase of gold medal winning performances.

We welcome partnerships and look forward to a future of promoting, assisting and developing the performing arts in Squamish.

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you Everywhere"
Albert Einstein
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