Music Teachers use the syllabus, which outlines the various classes that are offered to the students, to select repertoire and begin preparing students for the Festival.  This type of festival gives youth and adults studying private voice and piano an opportunity to perform their pieces for the adjudicator and then receive verbal and written adjudication for their performance.  Choirs of all ages and sizes are also encouraged to participate and learn.  Students also receive a certificate giving them a Bronze, Silver or Gold placement.  Everyone is a winner!  This type of festival is a stepping stone for all students preparing for their Royal Conservatory Exams.

The festival is an educational experience for both the students and teachers to gain valuable knowledge.  For the students it’s hands on, but for the teachers, they too have an opportunity to listen and learn from our professional adjudicators.  All classes are open to the public.

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Howe Sound Music Festival


2021 Festival Dates Announced

The Howe Sound Music Festival will take place March 15 - March 20, 2021
For more details, visit the HSMF Website


The Howe Sound Performing Arts Association has been assisting and developing performing arts activities in the community since 1993.

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