Thank you to everyone for an amazing show!

1. Ashley Ganske, piano
2. Colby Bogan, voice & piano
3. Deana Pontini, voice
4. Chance Wright, alto sax
5. Emily & Sydney Doyle, musical theatre duo
6. Wyatt Gilson, drums
7. Rhys Verner, bass guitar
8. Sabrina Lanter, voice
9. David Thomson, voice
10. Nicole Leisher, dance

1. Emma Wong, voice
2. Scott MacDonald, voice
3. Cody Wright, tenor sax
4. Kayla Uren, dance
5. Rachel Wiklund, voice & guitar
6. Angela Cho, piano
7. Gabriela Verdicchio, voice
8. Kayli Wilkinson, voice & piano

The Sound Youth Choir
Emma Pedersen & Ashley Schultheiss
Jocelyn Pettit

Melissa Braun

Kristine Miles
Shannon Grantham
Kelly Coubrough

Colleen Koop
Aaron Purdie
Naomi Lang
Dana-Marie Battaglia

Thank you to our sponsors!

A non-profit society that fosters the Arts cannot exist without its members, volunteers and sponsors. Here is a list of our current sponsors, to whom we are extremely grateful:

St. John the Divine Anglican Church, Squamish, BC

Nesters Market, Squamish
Meadowbrook Suite, Squamish
Peter Gomes
Piano Technician

Squamish Breakfast Club

Squamish Arts Council Dana-Marie Battaglia
Don't DIY Websites
SFM Consulting SFM Consulting



The Howe Sound Performing Arts Association has been assisting and developing performing arts activities in the community since 1993.

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