President’s Report  - 2007 AGM
November 2007 marks the end of my second term as president of the HSPAA. As I take a moment to look back on the 2006-2007 season I am once again astounded by the accomplishments of this organization and the commitment and enthusiasm of the board members. It is an honor to be part of the HSPAA.
HSPAA continues to hold in front of itself the mission to promote, assist and develop all forms of performing arts activities in Squamish. We continue to inspire our community with outstanding professional artists and we provide opportunities for our young people to study and develop their performing arts skills.
Our professional series began in November with a workshop and performance by percussionist and former Squamish resident Bruce Henczel. In January we welcomed 18 year old pianist Avan Yu back to our stage for an evening of virtuoso piano music. In March we partnered with Wild at Art to bring blues singer Ndidi Onukwulu to the Eagle Eye theatre. We ended our series on Mother’s day with a performance by The Joe Trio with special guest, Nicola Everton. The kick off concert for our 2007-2008 concert series was once again a partnership with Festival Vancouver. With their involvement we were able to present the Amanda Tosoff Quarter. We are grateful to Festival Vancouver and their Spectacular Music BC series for bringing world-class artists to smaller BC communities. All of our concerts received rave reviews from our audiences and were of the highest caliber of live music.
The Howe Sound Music Festival took place in April providing yet again a fabulous learning opportunity for many of our young pianists and singers. Thank you, Colleen, for another well-organized event. In June we held our annual Star Search which also provides an important learning opportunity for youth in our community. Thank you to Kris and Shannon for their hard work on this event. This year we were present at the Brackendale Fall Fair. Thanks again go out to our many dedicated board members for being available to sit at our table and talk to people about HSPAA. Thanks especially to Kris for heading up the organizing for this event.
The AME fund is something that we can all be proud of. It is the only fund like it in our community and is an important financial resource for local families.
Some important changes took place this past year. We increased the membership fee to $20 and we also increased our ticket prices to $25 and $20 for our professional series. These changes took effect in September and have made a positive impact on our finances without appearing to have scared away audiences and members.
As we mark the end of another year in the life of HSPAA it is important to take time to express our gratitude. Resigning from the board at this time are Carol Grolman, Brian Marchant and Dan Jarvis. Carol Grolman is a founding member of the HSPAA and in very many ways has been the heart of this organization. On behalf of HSPAA I would like to thank Carol for her many years of hard work, vision and dedication. She may be
free from the responsibilities that come with being a board member, but she will remain an important sounding board, if you will, for us as we continue to develop the vision and mandate for the HSPAA. Brian Marchant has also been involved with HSPAA for much of its 15 years. Brian’s enthusiasm for the performing arts in this community and his technical expertise are invaluable. Many of our shows simply would not be possible without Brian in the sound booth. On behalf of HSPAA, thank you, Brian for your contributions. We still have you on speed dial! Dan Jarvis worked with us for two years filling in the role of PR last year. Thank you Dan for keeping the community informed of all our events.
New to our board last year were Grace Neudorf, Shannon Grantham, Karen Moodie and Mike Stuchbery. All three have made tremendous contributions to our board and I am very pleased that they are remaining on the board for the next term.
Looking ahead to the coming year, Kris and I feel it is vital that we concentrate our time and energy on programs that we feel passionate about as a board. In our assessment, the programs that demand our attention are ones that will provide music education opportunities, programs that will support and highlight local performers and programs that provide financial support to young musicians. It is our intention to steer the board into some concrete strategic planning to enable us to further develop our music festival, our AME fund and the summer music school dream.
I believe a healthy organization is one that balances experience with new ideas and fresh perspectives. An important way to make this possible is by seeing movement in the board positions. It is my intention to step down as president at the end of this term. I will happily continue to work on the board, expressly focusing my energy on developing the AME fund.
In the meantime, I look forward to this coming year as one of continued growth and discovery for HSPAA and its role in the community.
“Art is the antidote that can call us back from the edge of numbness, restoring the ability to feel for another….And art is very nearly the same as life.” (Barbara Kingsolver from “High Tide in Tucson” p.232)
Respectfully submitted by
Tracy Stuchbery